Meet Sally Cox and Astrid Wilson

Sally Cox

I am a UK Ex pat living in Kuala Lumpur who loves field hockey, scuba diving, skiing, Amateur Theatre and eating out. My background stems from a degree in Genetics and Environmental Biology allowing me to work for companies such as Bayer and Nutricia/Danone. The latter of which I worked on the infant formula brands Cow & Gate and Milupa Aptamil and won the acclaimed Sales Person of the year award during my time there. My first pregnancy was in the UK and I had this fabulous Midwife called ‘Astrid’ who has since become a very good friend! She filled me with confidence, looked after me faultlessly and was there for me to start our home water birth. I practiced hypno-birthing in preparation for my daughter Martha’s birth and also had an in-depth birthing plan……The latter of which did not quite go to ‘plan’ but the outcome was a beautiful baby girl all the same!
My husband and I attended a UK run antenatal course run by the NTC – National Child Birth Trust. This was an antenatal course where you are paired with parents who will give birth around the same time so that you can build a support network and lasting friendships.
My second child ‘Monty’ was born in Malaysia in December 2017. As such I really do know how apprehensive a ‘mum to be’ can be about giving birth in an unfamiliar country. I was lucky as Astrid came out to Malaysia to support me when Monty was due and luckily we timed it just right! The experience was very positive in Malaysia and so The Baby Club was born of a need to bring new mums and dads together in an ex pat environment.

I hope you have a super Pregnancy and enjoy every minute.


Astrid Wilson

Hello I’m Astrid! I’m so excited to be a part of the Baby Club. My journey here started when I visited KL at the end of 2017 to help and support my friend Sally in her pregnancy and labour. There are many differences in the maternity systems in KL compared with the UK, we struggled to find any antenatal classes or ways of meeting other expectant couples. As a midwife of over 30 years’ experience, I know how important education and preparation for delivery and parenthood is. Hence the birth of the KL Baby Club!

I qualified as a midwife in the UK in 1987 and have worked continuously in the job I have a huge passion for. In the UK most pregnant women have continuous care from a designated midwife, with regular antenatal checks and parenthood classes. We then go on to deliver all normal births in hospital or home, and continue that physical, emotional and educational support until the baby is 2-6 weeks of age. I have had the privilege of watching the beautiful development of hundreds, if not thousands, of families. What a great job!

There is so much information out there for new parents, much of it conflicting, most of it confusing. At the Baby Club we will give you all you need!

I am also a mother to three grown up sons and as much as I love being a midwife, being a parent is the best job I could possibly have.

I look forward to meeting you to help you with your journey to parenthood

Next Steps…

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