Course Running Order

(liable to Change without notice)

9am Registration and drinks etc

9.20 Start. (Introductions, class content, loos, fire exit etc)

9.30 The last month of pregnancy. (Emotional and physical changes. Braxton Hicks contractions. Baby getting into position Movements. Getting ready, what to pack)

10.00 Labour (Signs ie show, contractions, waters, what to do) Three stages, include latent and active stage. Baby’s journey)

11.00 tea and Coffee Break

11.20 Different types of delivery, Breech, Inductions , Pain management

12.30 Lunch (Provided)

13.00 What happens after delivery. (Stitches. Blood loss)

13.50 Feeding and taking care of the baby (Baby check, weight, apgars, vitamin k

15.00 Going home. (Expectations What to get ready, preparing the home, Post natal depression Registering the birth, Passport etc)

16.00 Family Financial planning with ‘Absolute Finance Solutions’ (Planning for the future,  creating a nest egg, education fees planning)

16.45 Questions and evaluation

17.00 – 17.30 Wrap up and Depart